Payment of rent

The due date for rent payment is always the second business day of the month. The rent is paid with an apartment-specific reference number, which is shown on the invoice. If the reference number can’t be used for some reason, the name and address of the tenant has to be notified in the message field of bank transfer.

In case you have any questions or problems in relation to the payment of rent, please contact the rent supervision department at NAL Asunnot, by email ( or by phone (09 7745 3616, Monday to Friday from 12:00pm to 2pm).

Problems with payment of rent?

Lost keys

In case your key gets lost, please report it to the customer service of NAL Asunnot (in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa) or to the local housing instructor (in other cities.) The tenant has to pay for the new keys.

The obligation to notify changes in inhabitants

It is the duty of the tenant to notify of a change in the number of inhabitants. The water fee is determined according to the number of residents in the apartment.

Saunas and laundry rooms

Most of our houses have a sauna and a laundry room that can be used by the tenants for free. NAL Asunnot customer service will advise you on how to book a laundry or sauna time slot.

Parking spaces

Most of our houses have a few parking spaces for tenants. Please inquire from the customer service if you are interested in renting one.


Everyone has the right to undisturbed housing and domestic peace. It is not allowed to disturb the neighbors in the apartment or the public area. In particular between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. making noise should be avoided. Loud noise is not allowed at other times of the day either.

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, each tenant must comply with the same building rules and regulations.

The tenants must also make sure that their guests follow the rules. Breaking the rules may lead to liability to compensate for damages or the eviction of a tenant.

If your neighbor disturbs you, try first to solve the situation with them. If needed, call the police. If the disturbances continue, make a disturbance notification to the Property Manager by e-mail ( Only written complaints can be addressed. Please write to the message:

  • your name, address and contact details
  • your neighbour’s name and the number of the apartment
  • describe what has happened and when.

Your complaint will be handled confidentially.

The use and grow of drugs is prohibited by Finnish law and NAL Asunnot doesn’t allow this in its dwellings and property areas under any circumstances. All cases are reported to the authorities and the landlord will take action to end the tenancy agreement.

Maintenance of the apartment and repairs

The tenant is responsible for maintaining the condition of the apartment.

Please get to know to the maintenance and cleaning instructions for the apartment. 

Please note, that if a tenant does not take care of their apartment, they may be liable to reimburse the lessor for damages to the apartment or costs arising from cleaning the apartment at the end of their tenancy.

If there is something wrong with the apartment the tenant must be in contact with the maintenance company. Urgent maintenance problems such as water damage must be immediately made to the maintenance company, regardless of the time of day. The residents do not have right to make renovations or changes in the apartment.

Residential Instruction and Advise

The residential instructors are regularly accessible at the building and you can approach them with any housing-related questions you might have. Don’t hesitate to contact the instructors! The information regarding the residential instructor for your building can be found on the bulletin board.

Residential Activities

The residential instructors organize various activities for the tenants, such as movie nights and exercising opportunities. Each building also has a resident committee that makes decisions on common residential issues, such as how to spend money. You are welcome to join the activities!

Information regarding the residential activities is available from the residential instructor in your area.

Facebook Group for Tenants

Many of our buildings have a dedicated Facebook group where you can keep in contact with your neighbors, discuss current events, borrow items or sell furniture. Information regarding the Facebook group of your building is available from the residential instructor in your area.


Subtenancy means that the main tenant takes another person to live with them. Main tenant is responsible for rent payment, housing and the condition of the apartment.

Moving-in notification needs to be submitted of all new residents to our customer service ( and to the maintenance company. A monthly water fee (15 to 20€ per person depending on the property) is charged based on the number of  residents in the apartment.

In the moving-in notification, please write: residents name and date of birth, the address and number of the apartment and moving-in day.

Subtenancy is an agreement  between main tenant and the subtenant, of which its good to provide a copy to the landlord. Agreement cannot be longer than the main rental agreement and not for an indefinite period. If you want that another person is added to the rental agreement, the normal selection process of resident will apply, that is, he is called for an interview and and needs to provide the same attachments as other housing applicants are requested.


Sublease means that the main tenant will rent the apartment to another person. Sublease is possible, when the main tenant moves to another locality or abroad for the purpose of study or work. Main tenant is responsible for the apartment and the rent payment, even if he subleased the apartment.

The tenant should always ask permission from the landlord to rent the apartment further. Sublease agreement is an agreement between main tenant and the sublessee, of which it is good to provide a copy to the landlord. Sublease agreement cannot be longer than the main rental agreement and not for an indefinite period. NAL Asunnot gives permission to sublease the apartment usually for a maximum of six months.

Please note that our apartments cannot be rented on AirBnb.