What are the apartments like?

You can see all our apartments on the  Aparments page. We mainly rent studios, but there are also two and three room apartments available. Our houses are mostly multi-storey apartment houses, but there are also lofts and wooden houses. All of our houses are located close to amenities and good connections. We have residences in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in other larger centers. The equipment and size of apartments are designed to meet the needs of young people.


We strive to keep the rents as affordable as possible. The rent of a single home depends on the location, size of the residence, and the location and age of the house. From the Apartments page you can see the rental rates for individual houses and apartment types.

We are a non-profit company and our rents are determined on the basis of a cost rent. This means that we charge rent only as much needed to cover the costs of construction, maintenance, repairs and administration of the apartments.  

The rent consist of the costs below:

  • apartment and building repairs
  • building costs
  • waste disposal
  • cleaning
  • electricity
  • heating
  • plot rents
  • staff wages
  • other administration costs.

Our rent level is below the free market price.


Rental period

The tenant can live in the apartment until he or she turns 35 years. The minimum time is one full month. However, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease if the tenant doesn’t follow the house rules or pay rent.

Security deposit

We do not collect security deposits.

Water charge

Depending on the house, the water fee is 20-25 euros per person / month.

Term of lease

The term of lease is valid until the tenant reaches 35 years.

The minimum residence time is one full month. The tenant’s notice period is one full calendar month.

The landlord also has the right, if necessary, to terminate the contract with a notice by law. In practice, the landlord can only terminate the contract due to continuous disturbances, other breaches of rules or unpaid rents.

Available apartments

Our vacant residences are nowhere to be seen. We rarely have apartments that are available immediately. Apartments become vacant as residents move away and they will be filled out immediately with suitable residents.

When an apartment becomes vacant, the application system will find the applications in which the criteria match the location, size and rent level of the apartment. The selection also depends on how urgently the applicant needs an apartment. Since our apartments are state-subsidized rental apartments (so-called ARA apartments), we comply with the instructions provided by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) when choosing tenants so that apartments are first offered to those who need them the most.

Please note, that unfortunately our customer service is not able to answer to inquiries concerning vacant apartments. 

Also available for residents

All residents have a 10M free broadband connection in use. In most houses, there is also a free sauna, laundry and club rooms for residents.

NAL’s housing instructors provide residents with free resident events, such as movie nights and sports events. All of our houses also have a resident committee that decides on the common issues of the house, such as what the house money is spent on. Housing instructors can also be met at houses regularly and they will answer your housing related questions.