“When I was moving here – – finding an affordable home in Helsinki was hard, especially with a pet. – – Luckily I submitted an application to you guys, and I think you called me back the very next day saying that you have an apartment for me. Thank you for this. I am now working in my dream job – – and I have found my place in life.” – Tenant


NAL Asunnot is a non-profit company that rents and builds affordable homes for young adults under 30 years of age.

We own over 2 200 apartments in the Helsinki Metropolitan area and in other larger centres in Finland where there is demand for reasonably-priced rental housing.

A home of one’s own is a prerequisite of independent living, but in the Helsinki area especially, the rent level is unreasonably high for most youths.

By offering youths reasonably priced homes and services that facilitate good living we support their independence and transition to working life while preventing social exclusion and homelessness.

Our houses, apartments and services are tailored to the needs of young adults. For our young tenants, we are a responsible, caring and flexible lessor.

We are owned by Nuorisoasuntoliitto Ry (NAL), the central association and national supervisor of the interests of youths in housing-related matters.

We finance the construction of our rental apartments with interest subsidy loans and government investment subsidies for special groups.


“I love my apartment. This is the first place in my life that I can truly call home. It is so beautiful and safe. – – I am absolutely grateful and happy that I get to live here. – – I have made some good friends here. This is a good place for a person to live.” – Tenant