Selection criteria

Apartments can be applied for by young adults aged between 18 and 29 years (it should be noted however, that a tenant can live in the apartment until the age of 35). The apartments are intended for young adults that have a job or are seeking job / entering into working life.

Because there are affordable student housings available at most locations, students do not have a priority in our resident selection. However, students who go to work along with their studies, may apply for our apartments.

Resident selection

Residents will be selected on the basis of applications and interviews. The applicants moving into the first home of their own, the homeless, and the young people working or entering into working life are prioritized in the resident selection. Ara, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, which finances the construction of our houses, will define the selection criteria and the order of priority.

Resident selection is managed by location. In Helsinki the resident selection is carried out by NAL Apartments. Our customer service can answer to general questions on resident selection. Please note however, that our customer service is not able to answer to inquiries about vacant apartments or the current situation of a specific application.  

In other locations, the NAL local branch makes the resident selection and answers questions related to the region’s housing and resident selection.