The notice of termination

The notice of termination is always done in writing by filling the notice of termination of tenancy. 

The notice period is one full calendar month. Example: If the tenant terminates the tenancy 14th of May, the the responsibility for the payment of rent ceased on 30th of June. When the notice of termination has been processed, the tenant will receive detailed instructions about the key return and move-of-stay cleaning.

You must pay the rent during the period of notice as well.

Cleaning the apartment when you move out

When moving out, you should clean the apartment carefully so that the next tenant can move in and begin to use the storage space without cleaning. Please read the cleaning instructions from here. 

If the apartment has not been cleaned properly when moving out, the cost of necessary cleaning operations will be invoiced from the tenant.

Apartment inspection

The cleanliness and condition of the apartment will be inspected when a tenant is moving out.

Normal wear and tear is acceptable but the tenant can be charged for other damage caused to the apartment. 

Key return

In Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, they keys are returned to the office of NAL Asunnot. In other cities, the keys should be returned to the housing counselor. Please don’t leave any keys in the apartment.

All keys belonging to the apartment have to be returned no later than at 12 noon the next business day after the end of the tenancy. Please note that the keys can be returned to the office on the first business day of the month, even if the customer service would not be normally open on that weekday! You can also return the keys to the mail box outside our office in an envelope with your surname attached. 

For example: If the tenancy will end on Wednesday, 30th of September, the keys have to be returned at the latest on Thursday 1st of October at 12 noon. If the keys are lost or broken, the price of new keys will be charged according to the price list. Detailed instructions for return of the keys will be issued when the termination is processed.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions!