In Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, keys can be collected from the office of NAL Asunnot (Malminkaari 9, Helsinki) on the first business day of the month from 1pm onwards. Our office is always open on the first business day of the month at least from 9am to 4pm even though it would not be a normal customer visit hour. In other cities, keys can be collected from the local residential instructor or from the maintenance company.

Please bring your identity card with you.

Home insurance

If you do not have home insurance, make sure to purchase it before moving. The housing company’s insurance covers damage to the structural parts of the building (walls, floor, and the ceiling), but any damage to your personal property can only be covered by your home insurance.

If you already have valid home insurance, remember to notify your insurance company of moving. Please note that insurance will not cover damage that is willfully caused by the tenant.

Electricity contract

You must make an electricity contract with the provider of your choosing. Please note that it usually takes 2–3 days from purchase until the company can provide you electricity, so make sure to conclude the contract in good time to ensure immediate availability.

Notification of change of address

You should make a notification of change of address at the latest within one week of moving-in.This will officially transfer your contact information to the new address. The notification can be submitted on Posti’s website. To use the online notification service, you need an online banking ID, identity card or a Posti user account. The notification can also be made with the form that is available from Posti or the Local Register Office.

Moving-in notification to the property maintenance company

When you move into your new apartment, make sure to notify the property maintenance company as soon as possible! Depending on the maintenance company, the moving-in notification can be made using the provided form, through customer service or online. The information of the maintenance company is available at your building. Without the moving-in notification, the maintenance company is unable to help you if you lock yourself out of the apartment, for example.

We don’t put residents’ names on apartment doors because the mail delivery follows the apartment numbers.”

Internet connection

The rent of our apartments includes a broadband internet connection provided by Elisa (speed 10M). After the initial subscription fee of €30 paid with the first month’s rent, use of the internet is free of charge.

You can subscribe to the service online at, at an Elisa store or by calling Elisa’s customer service. If you wish, you can also increase the speed of your connection.

You can also purchase services or make arrangements with other internet service providers. In this case, you have to pay all of the related costs.

Building rules and regulations

To ensure the safety and comfort of everyone, each tenant must comply with the same building rules and regulations. All tenants must act in a considerate manner towards the other residents of the building. The tenants must also make sure that their guests follow the rules.

Breaking the rules may lead to liability to compensate for damages or the eviction of a tenant.