Living leaves its marks on an apartment, but what is included in normal wear and tear and what isn’t?

You should know what constitutes normal wear and tear in the apartment and what does not. Tenants are liable to reimburse the lessor of damages caused to the apartment or its furnishings by them or their guests on purpose or through negligence.

Normal wear and tear Includes:

  • The wearing out of wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces over time
  • Small holes from hanging ordinary pictures, shelves, mirrors, and lamps (NOTE! hanging IKEA’s LACK shelves, mirror tiles, video projectors, and flat screen televisions is prohibited)
  • Repairing or replacing appliances due to technical issues related to the age of the appliance
  • Wear and tear as well as repairs and replacement of bathroom and kitchen cabinets over time

Normal wear and tear does not include:

  • Large holes in the walls or the ceiling, staining or damaging painted surfaces or wallpaper
  • Scorch marks on the floor (such as cigarette burns), damaging floor surfaces with furniture or sharp objects, ruining laminate flooring due to excessive use of water or scratching
  • Holes in dividing doors
  • Damage to refrigeration devices caused by incorrect or heavy-handed use or neglecting the cleaning and defrosting of the devices
  • Damage to the stove caused incorrect or heavy-handed use, neglecting its cleaning or constantly operating the stovetop or oven
  • Necessary cleaning work carried out in the apartment due to neglecting cleanliness or personal hygiene
  • Broken windows


Please read our Tenant Invoicing Price list for possible costs.