All tenants must act in a considerate manner towards the other residents of the building. The tenants must also make sure that their guests follow the rules.

Breaking the rules may lead to liability to compensate for damages or the eviction of a tenant.

The Public Order Act and other pieces of legislation include general regulations that also apply to this property.

Common Areas and Outdoor Spaces

The entrances to the building must be kept locked. Please ensure that all doors are properly locked after passing through.

Making unnecessary noise in the common areas should be avoided. Smoking and unnecessary hanging around in the common indoor areas is prohibited. In the common outdoor areas, smoking is prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the ventilation shafts of the building and in the children’s play areas. Each resident must look after the cleanliness of the common areas. Spitting and littering are prohibited in the shared balconies.

The common areas and outdoor spaces must be used in accordance with fire safety regulations. For reasons of fire safety, items may only be stored in the storage spaces dedicated for this purpose. Storing items in the staircases and the cellar and attic corridors is prohibited. Bicycles and baby carriages must be stored in the dedicated areas. The fire safety regulations must be taken into consideration regarding the storage of flammable substances.

Attaching signs and advertisements as well as installing antennas or other similar equipment is prohibited. Any faults or defects noticed in the property must be notified to the maintenance company.

Waste Management

Household waste and other garbage must be sorted according to the instructions, packed appropriately, and placed into the waste bins.

The tenants are responsible for arranging the removal of other than household waste. Environmentally hazardous waste must be transferred to the appropriate sites reserved by the authorities.


Parking is allowed with the permission of the company and only in the dedicated and specified parking spaces. Only road-going vehicles (not mobile homes) can be parked on the property. Unnecessary idling is prohibited. The parking spaces cannot be used to store junk.


Disturbing the neighbors should be avoided in the apartments. Making noise should particularly be avoided between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00.

Smoking is expressly prohibited within the apartments. If a tenant smokes in an apartment, they are liable for the costs arising from cleaning the apartment.

The cleanliness and general condition of the apartments must be maintained carefully. It is forbidden to attach IKEA’s LACK shelves, video projectors and decoration stickers on the walls, doors or the ceiling. If a tenant attaches said items to the walls, doors or ceiling despite the prohibition, NAL Asunnot will invoice the tenant for the necessary repairs.

The tenants must ask permission for any modifications, repairs or painting work to be done in the apartment.

Any leakages and other defects noticed in the apartment should be notified to the maintenance company immediately.

Items that may cause blockages cannot be placed into the toilet or drains.

The balconies must be kept clean. Throwing things off the balconies or walkways and staircases is expressly prohibited.

Notification of moving in or out

When a tenant terminates their lease, they must provide the actual date of moving out. The lessor and the maintenance company must also be notified of other people residing in the apartment moving out or of people moving in later.


Airing out carpets and bed linens is only permitted on the balconies or areas reserved for this purpose during the specified times. Textiles and small laundry can be aired out on the balconies belonging to the apartments only within the area outlined by the railings. Carpets cannot be dried off in the drying room.


Pets must be kept on a leash when outside the apartment. Pets must not disturb the other residents or people in the building and they cannot be allowed to soil the building or the plot.
Walking pets is prohibited in the areas reserved for children and the immediate vicinity of said areas.

Breaching the Regulations

Any breaches of these regulations may lead to liability for damages and/or the termination of your lease.
These regulations have been approved in a resident meeting.