Resident satisfaction at NAL Asunnot is once again high

Despite the challenging recent years, the average score for NAL Asunnot’s resident satisfaction survey in 2023 was again 4.0.

The overall rating for the survey was 4.0 (on a scale of 1 to 5), the same as the previous year’s result. The survey conducted in May received a record number of responses, with approximately 20% of the residents, totalling 456 individuals, participating.

Päivi Ojala, the Director of rental housing at NAL Asunnot, expressed her delight at the abundant number of responses: “The high number of responses is truly heartening!”


Apartments in good condition and commendable service

A significant majority of NAL Asunnot’s residents find their apartments to be in good condition (rated 4.3) and enjoy living in their homes (rated 4.2). The rating for the apartment condition (4.3) increased compared to the previous year (4.1). In the open feedback, the apartments were described as cozy, with sensible layouts. The overall average rating for the apartments increased from the previous year (4.2), and residents also perceived the cleanliness of common areas as improved (rated 3.7).

Samuli Killström, the CEO of NAL Asunnot, mentioned, “Significant investments have been made in apartment renovations over the past years. It’s great to see how these efforts are reflected in residents’ satisfaction with the condition of their homes.”

Despite the challenging times and rent increases, the category “NAL Asunnot as a landlord” once again received the highest ratings. Residents are highly satisfied with NAL Asunnot’s rent control (rated 4.5) and the service they receive (rated 4.4). In the open feedback, residents emphasized their appreciation for NAL Asunnot’s flexibility, and the staff was described as approachable and kind.

Samuli Killström, the CEO of NAL Asunnot, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “Being rated 4.4 as a landlord despite the exceptional years is truly fantastic!”

The Net Promoter Score (NPS), measuring overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend, slightly decreased from the previous year to 39. However, over half, about 56%, of the respondents would likely recommend NAL Asunnot as a landlord to their friends (rating 9 or 10 on a scale of 1 to 10). Many respondents mentioned that they moved to NAL Asunnot based on the recommendation of friends or acquaintances.


Impact of raised rents and improvement of common areas

The current global situation had an impact on the average scores in the resident survey. The rise in living costs and last year’s rent increases affected residents’ perception of NAL Asunnot’s affordability, leading to a decrease in the rating from the previous year (4.2) to the current rating of 4.0. However, in the open feedback, many mentioned choosing NAL Asunnot due to the affordable rents.

Residents see room for improvement in the condition of the residential building’s outdoor areas (rated 3.7) and the cleanliness of outdoor spaces (rated 3.5). There is also room for improvement in the accessibility of maintenance companies (rated 3.7). Based on the feedback, close communication has been established with the maintenance companies to enhance their operations and improve the quality of service.

In the open responses, residents expressed wishes for more comfortable and cleaner common areas and outdoor spaces. Residents requested the addition of new swings, barbecue shelters, and sports equipment in the courtyards.

Residents’ perception of their influence decreased slightly from the previous year (rated 3.7). The feedback revealed that not all residents were aware of the opportunities provided by the residents’ committee. Consequently, efforts will be made to increase information about residents’ committees. Hopefully this results in residents having a more informed say and impact within their building.


“Reliable, approachable, and the best landlord a young person can have.” – resident

In the open feedback, special praise was given to NAL Asunnot for providing help when needed. Many felt that they received their apartment at just the right time.

“NAL Asunnot was the only landlord that helped me during tough times, offering me an apartment immediately.” – resident

The housing counselors also received special appreciation this year. In the open feedback, housing counselors were seen as helpful and supportive. Residents valued the support and advice provided when needed.

“There’s a low threshold to contact them, and it’s fantastic that residents have someone close to ask for advice on housing matters.” – resident

“When I moved here, I was a bit lost and unsure how everything works. The housing counselor went through the whole building with me and helped with everything.” – resident

The survey responses will be carefully reviewed and forwarded to business partners when necessary. As in previous years, residents’ wishes will be taken into account, and efforts will be made to implement them where possible.

“The resident survey is a truly important and valuable tool for our operations, enabling us to constantly improve our work.” – Samuli Killström

Next year, the survey will be conducted earlier in the year. By advancing the survey, residents’ wishes can be taken into consideration earlier, and feedback can be reviewed before the next budget cycle.