Every tenant must maintain their apartment so that it stays in good condition and doesn’t get too worn out.

If something in the apartment breaks or gets too worn out because of neglect, the tenant must pay for the damage or cleaning costs. Pay specific attention to these:

  1. Make sure you clean regularly and wipe away stains immediately, otherwise the dirt might not leave anymore.
  2. It is especially important to clean the bathroom often and ventilate it and dry the floor and walls with a drying spatula after each shower. Otherwise lime stains and black spots start to collect on the walls and the whole bathroom can start to stink.
  3. Remember also to clean the floor drain and empty it from hair and other trash every now and then, otherwise it gets blocked and starts to stink.
  4. The floors get damaged if they get wet often. Therefore, if you drop some kind of liquid on the floor, make sure to wipe it immediately. Also do not use a lot of water when cleaning the floor.
  5. Clean also the kitchen hood filter every now and then, otherwise the air might not circulate properly in the apartment.
  6.  Do not block, close or change the position of the ventilators in the apartment. This will interfere with the ventilation. It is also important to clean the ventilators every now and then, otherwise the air gets stuffy in the apartment.
Any faults must be reported immediately to the maintenance company, by making a fault report. If you do notify about the problem, it can get worse and you might end up having to pay for the damages.

Please also check what is normal wear and tear in an apartment, and what is not.