Please note! Pictures are examples of unfinished apartments.

Helsinki, Jätkäsaari

Gibraltarinaukio 4, 00220, Helsinki

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OsoiteGibraltarinaukio 4, 00220, Helsinki
Huoneistotyypitstudios (28,5–30,5m2), 1 bedroom apartments (41,0–49,5m2)
Varusteetdishwasher option, washing machine option
Asukkaiden käytössäfree sauna, laundry room, 10M internet connection
AutopaikatThere will be 10 parking slots for the residents, one in the common parking hall of the block and the rest in P-Atlas that is located near the building. The rent of a parking slot is 40€/month. If there are more residents interested in the parking slots than are available slots, the slots will be raffled at the end of March.


VuokraStudios: 545–600€/month
1 bedroom apartments: 780–995€/month

Talon tiedot

TalotyyppiApartment house


HuomiotThe building has an excellent location in the middle of Jätkäsaari in the corner of Länsisatamankatu and Atlantinkatu, next to Hyväntoivonpuisto. Jätkäsaari offers seaside living near the city centre’s services. There is a subway stop one block away from the building and grocery store as close as 200 meters. There is a park. cafes, restaurants, shops and diverse exercise possibilities near.

The building is part of Jätkäsaaren palvelukorttelit (Jätkäsaari Services Blocks) project. When finished, in addition to diverse living, there will be a grocery store, a kindergarden and a hotel in the blocks. At the heart of the blocks will be a ”village hub” for the residents with a winter garden, gym, library and a cafe. Residents can also reserve hub’s rooms for their own use free of charge.

The whole building is non-smoking.

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