Who can apply for your rental housing?

Rental housing can be applied for by young adults aged 18 to 29 years who go to work or seek employment. Students who go to work alongside studies can also apply for our housing.

Tenant selection priority is given to those young people who are becoming independent, are homeless, working or venturing into the working life.


How long is the application period? When do I get to know?

It is impossible to tell an exact duration of application period. Our apartments are rarely empty but they become vacant as residents move away. The queuing time depends on the location, size, and rent level of the apartment, and the applicant’s situation.

The homeless and other people in need of urgent housing or moving to their first home are the top priority.

You can ask about the status of your application from the customer service of NAL Asunnot (Helsinki) or from the local residental instructor (other cities).

If you only apply to the most popular houses, the waiting period can be quite long. Therefore, it is advisable to apply to many different houses if possible.

How much are the rents?

We are a non-profit company and we strive to keep the amount of rents as affordable as possible. The rent of a single home depends, among other things, on the city/rural district, size of the apartment, and the location and age of the house.

You can see the rent level of different houses and apartments in the Apartments page. (Asunnot-sivu)

What is the housing situation? Where can I find the vacant residences?

Our vacant residences are nowhere to be seen. Apartments become vacant as residents move away and they will be filled out immediately with suitable residents.


Can a student apply for your residence?

If you go to work along with your studies, you can apply for an apartment.

Students are offered low-cost student housing, which means that full-time students are not part of our target group.

If I receive a place to study, do I have to move away from my apartment?

No, you do not need to. Although students are not part of our main target group when we select residents, you can continue living in your apartment despite your studies normally in case you have already moved to the apartment.

When should the attachments of the application be submitted?

When you submit an application, you will receive an automatic message containing instructions on what attachments are required, and how and where you need to submit them.

In general, attachments are requested to be provided in the interview.

Can I apply for your housing even if I have a payment default / bad credit history?
Yes you can! We interview all our tenants before moving in and check their credit information. If you still have a debt, you can be asked to submit a payment plan for the debts.
With people with  a non-payment record, we usually start with signing a short lease agreement in the beginning. Thus you have the chance to show us that you are a responsible tenant and pay your rent in time. If so, we’ll continue your lease as an ordinary lease agreement.


How much is the security deposit?

Rental security deposit is determined by the apartment size:

  • For apartments sized less than 40 m², 650 euros.
  • For apartments sized more than 40 m², 950 euros.

Obtaining a home insurance reduces the security by 100 euros.



Are water and electricity included in the rent?

No. The water fee is € 15-20 per month per person, depending on the house.

The residents make an electricity contract with the company they want to and pay their electricity bills themselves.

Are pets allowed in the apartments?


How long is the lease?

Usually we make tenant agreements for 5 years at a time. However, if there have been no issues with the tenancy or rent payment, tenant can live in the apartment until the age of 35.

However, the tenant can terminate the agreement whenever they choose, with a one month’s notice.

In case there are continuous disturbances, the tenant breaks the rules of tenant agreement or doesn’t pay his/hers rent, the landlord can terminate the tenancy agreement.

Can I apply for an apartment together with a friend or girl/boyfriend? Can I apply for the same cell apartment with a friend?

Yes you can! If you are applying for housing in the same cell apartment, you shall both submit your own applications, in which you select the same cell apartment and in the Other wishes field, write the name of the friend with whom you want to live. If you want to apply for, for example, a two-room apartment with your girl/boyfriend, submit a shared application with him/her. Please write in the Other wishes field, that you apply for a shared lease. If there are three applicants, write the name of the third person in the Other wishes field.