The effect of corona virus on our services

We want to take especially good care of the welfare of our tenants, employees and partners during these exceptional times. To make sure we are doing our best to keep everyone safe and healthy and minimize the spread of corona virus, we have made some changes to our services.


The application for apartments is filled as normal electronically in our application service. The interviews will be handled primarily by phone.


Our customer service visits are on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm.
However, we recommend that you take care of things as much as possible by phone or email.

If you need to pick up keys or sign agreement, please agree that with the customer service.

To maintain the recommended safety distance to others, we can only serve two person in our office at a time. Ring the doorbell and follow the instructions we give you. We recommend waiting for your turn outside. When you see someone coming out of our office, come again to ring our doorbell.

When you visiting our office we ask that you wear a face mask and take special care of good hand and cough hygiene.

However, we are open for new tenants in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa to come and pick up their new keys. In other cities, tenants get instructions for picking up their keys from NAL’s local branch. 

Tenants who move out will get instructions via e-mail on how to return their keys.


Due to the prevailing corona situation we do not recommend gathering in common areas. That is the reason why we have had to close club room reservation calendars.

It is possible to go through the premices in a way that requires it.
Unnecessary stay and gathering in common areas with friends is not allowed in this situation.

Sauna’s can be reserved normally and also sauna slots with neighbours take place again.

Please take special care of hygiene when using shared spaces and follow the instructions of the authorities.


In order to prevent and slow down the spreading of corona virus, we have intensified cleaning in our buildings and it will continue for now. The cleaning of common areas, for example the elevators and door handles, will be enhanced by using a disinfectant.


Tenant activities are not organized at the moment. The residential instructors are not available in the houses at the moment, but they are available for chat by phone, social media and e-mail


Maintenance will continue mostly normally, but resolving less urgent matters might take more time. If your maintenance problem is not urgent, we ask you to consider, if it can be postponed.


For now, recycle used handerchiefs with mixed waste (not bio waste). It is also very important not to leave rubbish lying around, so that animals won’t collect and spread them.

Please take care of your hand hygiene and follow the instructions of the health authorities and the Finnish Government.

We do our best that our service will be fluent during this period as well, but we ask for patience with possible delays.  

Please follow actively our informing, because things can change rapidly. We are following up closely how the situation develops and make changes to our services if needed.

Let’s take care of ourselves and each other!

Modified 11.6.2020