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Kerava, Päivölä

Päivölänrinne 9, 04220, Kerava

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AddressPäivölänrinne 9, 04220, Kerava
Apartment types1h+kk (n. 36m²), 1h+tpk (44,5m²), 2h+k (50,5m²), 3h+k (88m²), soluja
Equipmentfridge and freezer, dishwasher reservation, washing machine reservation
For all residentssauna, laundry room, club room, 10M broadband internet
Parking spacesyard places

Rental information

Rentcells n. 373€, studios n. 531–634€, 1BRs n. 705–719€, 2BRs n. 1132–1143€
Water charge20€/person

House information

House typeApartment house
Yyear of completion2003
Service companyKotikatu Oy
Contact information for the service company020 793 1022 (7-16)
010 270 8888 (other times)

Additional information

Resident selection and housing counselingNuorisoasuntoliiton paikallisyhdistys Keski-Uudenmaan Nuorisoasuntoyhdistys Ry. Associations website

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