Helsinki, Pohjois-Haaga

Ilkantie 4a, 00400, Helsinki

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AddressIlkantie 4a, 00400, Helsinki
Apartment types1h+kk+alcove (33,5m²)
Equipmentyankee refrigerator, washing machine reservation
For all residentssauna, laundry room, club room, 10M:n broadband internet
Parking spacesparking garage

Rental information

Rentstudios n. 596€
Water charge20€/person

House information

House typeApartment house
Yyear of completion2014
Service companyAre Oy
Contact information for the service companytel. 020 530 5700 (24h)

Additional information

Resident selection and housing counselingResponsible for resident selection NAL Asunnot. Youth Housing Associations (NAL) handles resident counseling and resident services. Associations website

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