Note! There are individual larger apartments in the building, which over 30 year olds can apply for. The pictures are examples, not images of available apartments.

Helsinki, Etelä-Haaga

Oskelantie 4, 00320, Helsinki

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AddressOskelantie 4, 00320, Helsinki
Apartment types1h+kk (19–24m²), 2h+kk (46m²), 2h+k (55m²)
Equipmentfridge and freezer
For all residentssauna, laundry room, club room, 10M broadband internet
Parking spacesyard places, limited places

Rental information

Rentstudios ca. 414‒523€, 1BRs ca. 1003-1199€
Water charge25€/person

House information

House typeMulti-family residential/Apartment house
Year of completion1999
Service companyLassila & Tikanoja
Contact information for the service company0106365000 (24h),

Additional information

Resident selection and housing counselingNAL Asunnot responsible for resident selection. Youth Housing Associations local organization Pääkaupunkiseudun Nuorisoasunnot Ry handles resident counseling and resident services. Associations website

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