We are looking for new members to join Resident Panel

Would you like to have an impact on what kind of homes are built for young people in the future? Do you want to take part in developing and designing services related to houses targeted for young adults?

Apply to the National Resident Panel!

Resident Panel consists of residents living in the houses belonging to the NAL-community. Resident Panel will be involved in developing youth housing and comments on issues related to it.

  • The Panel will take part in designing and building of new homes targeted for young adults and helps to develop new services for the residents.
  • Resident Panel assembles few times a year. In active stage of designing and building
    there might be more meetings.
  • A small reward will be granted to the members of the Panel for each meeting.
  • The first meeting of the Resident Panel was in January 2021 and now we need new Panel members.

As a member of the Panel, you will get a chance to have an impact on young people’s living, get to know other young adults from different parts of Finland and get good experience for working life.

If you want to apply for the Panel, send e-mail to aleksi.tiira@nalasunnot.fi by the 26th of February. Tell shortly about yourself, why you want to be involved in the Panel and what is your view of good housing for young people.

If you have some questions, please be in contact: aleksi.tiira@nalasunnot.fi