Resident satisfaction rises at NAL Asunnot

The average score of NAL Asunnot 2024 resident survey rose from the previous year, now standing at 4.1.

The overall score for the survey was 4.1 (on a scale of 1–5), compared to 4.0 in 2023. The survey was conducted early in the year, and it received a record number of responses. 31% of residents, 680 people, responded to the survey, with at least one resident from each building participating.

“It’s really great to receive such a record number of responses to the survey!” says NAL Asunnot interim CEO Jaakko Ruokola.

Functional buildings and property management

Satisfaction with the apartments has remained consistent over the years, ranging between 4.1 and 4.2. In 2024, the apartments received an overall score of 4.1.

A significant portion of respondents feel that the common areas of the buildings meet their needs (4.2). The sense of community within the buildings is also perceived to be better than in previous years (3.4). The rating for outdoor areas (3.9) increased from the previous year’s score (3.7). However, open-ended responses indicate that certain courtyards could use more amenities such as benches, sandboxes, or swings. Nevertheless, all ratings related to building and property management services increased from the previous year.

“The increased rating in many areas of the survey indicate that the work done last year has paid off. This is a good foundation to build upon.” – Jaakko Ruokola remarks.

The collaboration and ongoing communication between NAL Asunnot property management and maintenance companies have clearly yielded results. This year, survey responses will be shared with relevant maintenance companies with the aim of further improving service quality.

Affordable housing and support from housing counselors

Open feedback still emphasizes how many have moved to NAL Asunnot due to affordable rents. Responses reveal how NAL Asunnot has been the last resort for many young people in difficult situations, and finding their own home has helped them get their lives back on track.

“I had difficulty finding housing for personal reasons. NAL Asunnot didn’t question me or my ability to be a good tenant.” – resident

“It’s nice to hear that many people have gotten an apartment from us at just the right time and have been able to build their lives on their own terms as a result,” commented Päivi Ojala, the rental manager of NAL Asunnot.

In terms of ratings, the perception of rent affordability has been declining since the COVID years, reaching 3.8 this year. High inflation last year and increased interest and maintenance costs forced NAL Asunnot to raise rents, understandably causing concern among residents. However, NAL Asunnots’ budgets have been designed to prioritize savings wherever possible, and rent increases are aimed to be kept as reasonable as possible in the future.

Residents also see room for improvement in their ability to influence decisions (3.7), and many would like more information about resident activities and housing counselor services. Those who have used housing counselor services commented that they had received support for housing and daily life.

“You can talk to the housing counselor about anything, and they provide answers to all questions related to the building and housing. It’s wonderful to know that we have a housing counselor in our building every week, whom we can approach for help or just to chat!” – resident

With the reform of the Act on joint management of rental buildings, changes will be made to resident activities, aiming to lower the threshold for participation. The goal is to make it easier for residents to influence matters concerning their own building.

“Thank you NAL Apartments <3 I love you!” – resident

Open feedback particularly praised the apartments that felt like homes.

“This apartment is the first one that truly feels like home to me.” – resident

“I love my new apartment, it’s perfect for me!”– resident

“I’ll always remember the day I first opened the door. The apartment has really nice neutral colors, which allow me to use my favorite colors in decorating. I especially love this cute alcove; it’s very charming.”– resident

“This is the best apartment I have ever lived in.” – resident

NAL Asunnots’ customer service also received special praise this year (4.4). Open feedback commended the friendliness, flexibility, and quick response time of customer service.

“Good customer service, quick response, and they are good at finding compromises.” – resident

“I think NAL Apartments stand out from others mainly because of their customer service; things are handled quickly and easily.” – resident

“Really friendly customer service!” – resident

NAL Apartments’ employees are always delighted by the open feedback and carefully review it.

“The fact that we’re seen as humane, fair, and reliable warms the heart!” – comments Päivi Ojala

Survey results are forwarded to partners as needed to improve services. Like in previous years, resident requests are taken into account and efforts are made to implement them as much as possible. The survey will be conducted again early next year.