New apartment application site published site replaces the old apartment application site of the Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL. From the new site it is possible to apply for youth apartments all over Finland.

You can apply for more than 4300 apartments in 29 municipalities at It is possible to apply for the apartments owned by NAL Asunnot, NAL’s local associations and other organisations offering youth apartments.

Special attention has been paid to the user experience and visuality of the site. It is easier to examine apartments and find those that meet applicant’s criteria on the new site. You can also add all required attachments conveniently to the application.

In addition, the new apartment application site enables the landlords of youth apartments to better find a suitable aparment for the applicants.

How does this affect the applicants?

The new site requires strong online identification from the applicant. If it is not possible for the applicant to make an identification online, the applicant can go and identify themselves at the office of that local youth apartment organisation, whose apartments they are applying for.

The applications made in the old application system are still valid as normal – 3 months from when the application has been made. However, it is not possible to make modifications to the application in the old system and if applicant wants to make them, they need to make a new application on the new site.

Any feedback on the new site is appreciated at .