NAL Asunnot will stop collecting security deposits

NAL Asunnot has decided to stop collecting rental security deposits. Deposits that have already been paid will be returned to tenants by the end of the year.

The deposits will be replaced by a rental guarantee insurance, which is included in the monthly rent of our tenants. However, the rental guarantee insurance does not mean that the rents of our tenants will increase. NAL Asunnot will not increase any rents in 2021.

Starting from 1 December, deposit will no longer be collected from new tenants.

Although there will no longer be a security deposit, tenants are still responsible for the apartment. Tenants will still be liable to pay for any damage caused to the apartment and any unpaid rent.

Returning the security deposit

Deposits that have already been paid by current tenants will be returned to them by the end of the year.

If you have paid your security deposit in money, please send the following information to by 15 November:

  • your full name (as it is written on your lease)
  • your account number in IBAN format
  • your address.

We will return the deposits in random order. If you have paid the deposit in money at the start of your tenancy and sent us your account number, but you have not received the deposit on your account by 15 January 2021, please contact our Rent Department ( and we will address the issue.

Please note that contacting us before the turn of the year will not speed up processing.

If you have been granted a voucher for your deposit, you do not need to do anything about it. The voucher will be automatically returned to the granting authority.