When moving out, you should clean the apartment carefully so that the next tenant can move in and begin to use the storage space without cleaning. If the apartment has not been cleaned properly when moving out, the cost of necessary cleaning operations will be invoiced from the tenant.

Pay particular attention to the following when cleaning the apartment:

  • Vacuum and wash all the floors in the apartment and remove stains from doors and wall surfaces.
  • Do not remove the suspension hooks for light fixtures or the fire alarm.
  • Also remember to clear out your storage space!
  • Also clean the balcony!


  • Turn off refrigeration devices by disconnecting the device and leave the doors open.
  • Defrost the freezer. Do not let the defrosted water spill onto the floor!
  • Wash the refrigerator and freezer both inside and out.
  • Wash the cooker/oven both inside and out and clean the back of the device (pull the oven away from the wall so that you can access the back) as well as the oven pans and grills.
  • Clean the kitchen cabinets both inside and out.
  • Clean the ventilators, the cooker hood, and the grease filters. Replace disposable filters.
  • Cap off the connecting tubes for a dishwasher if applicable and install the original door/cabinet.

Bathroom and toilet

  • Clean the toilet bowl and the bathroom sink.
  • Wash the bathroom and clean the visible part of the floor drain.
  • Clear dust off the ventilator.
  • Cap off the connecting tubes for a washing machine.

Inspection of the apartment and returning the rent security deposit

The condition and cleanliness of the apartment will be inspected at the end of your tenancy. Before moving out, a preliminary inspection will be carried out in the apartment to check the general condition of the apartment and find out if anything needs repairing before the next tenant moves in. If the current tenant is not home during the inspection, the apartment will be entered using a master key (please notify the customer service of NAL Asunnot if you have pets in the apartment). After you have moved out, a final inspection is performed to check the cleanliness and condition of the apartment.

If faults or defects are not discovered during the inspections and the tenant does not have outstanding rent payments or other fees, the rent security deposit will be returned in full to the bank account provided by the tenant within the calendar month following the termination period.