Do these 5 things before leaving for your vacation

There’s no place like home, but it’s nice to get away sometimes! Make sure your home is ready for your return by following these tips:

1. Unplug electrical devices


Unplug power strips, coffee makers, TVs, and other electrical devices. This protects them from power surges caused by thunderstorms and helps save on your electricity bill.

2. Close windows and lock doors


 Check that all windows and doors are closed and locked, especially patio or balcony doors. This keeps the finnish summer weather out of your home.

3. Prevent water damage

 Turn off the water supply to your washing machine and dishwasher. Ensure that drains are clear and sinks are empty. This helps avoid potential water damage while you’re away.

4. Take out the trash


 Empty all trash cans before you leave. This prevents unpleasant odors and pest problems during your vacation.

5. Empty the fridge of food that will go bad

 Remove any food that’ll go bad when you’re away from the fridge. This prevents bad smells and mold. Returning to a fresh home is always nicer!

By following these simple tips you can enjoy your vacation without worries, knowing your home will be safe and clean when you return!