General information about the housing

What are the apartments like?

We offer nice and reasonably priced apartments from good locations. We have mainly studio apartments, but also two- and three-room apartments. You can view our apartments on the Aparments page.

Rent level

The rent level varies according to the region, location and age of the house and size of the apartment. We aim to maintain our rents as cheap as possible. Our rents are below free market price.

Rental period

The tenant can live in the apartment until he or she turns 35 years. The minimum time is one full month. However, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease if the tenant doesn’t follow the house rules or pay rent.

Security deposit and home insurance

Rental security deposit is determined by the apartment size:
• Less than 40 m², 650 euro
• More than 40 m², 950 euro.

Home insurance reduces the amount of security deposit by 100 euro. A insurance policy has to be presented at the latest when picking up the keys.

Tenant services

All our apartments have a free internet connection (speed 10M). In most of our houses, there is a free laundry and a sauna. Housing instructors arrange events and advise tenants in matters related to living.


Selection criteria

The apartments are for young people between 18 to 29 year old. (It should be noted however, that a tenant can live in the apartment until the age of 35.) Tenant selection priority is given to those young people who are becoming independent, are homeless, working or venturing into the working life. The Housing Finance and Development Centre Ara defines the selection criteria and order of urgency.

Local selection of tenants

Tenant selections are handled locally. In Helsinki the tenant selection is made by NAL Asunnot Oy. In other cities the selections are made by the Youth Housing Associations local organizations. The can also answer to any questions regarding housing and selection in their city.

Espoo ja Vantaa: Pääkaupunkiseudun Nuorisoasunnot ry
Kerava ja Järvenpää: Keski-Uudenmaan Nuorisoasuntoyhdistys ry
Riihimäki: NAL Riihimäki ry
Porvoo ja Sipoo: NAL Itä-Uusimaa ry
Turku: Turun Seudun Nuorisoasunnot ry
Joensuu: Joensuun seudun nuorisoasuntoyhdistys, Josna ry
Kirkkonummi: Kirkkonummen Nuorisoasunnot ry: Laura Rustholkarhu, puh. 045 2616 415
Heinola ja Lahti: Lahden seudun nuorisoasunnot ry
Nummela: Suojaverkko Oy, Sami Siitonen, puh. 044 302 8880

How do I apply?

Submission of application

The apartments can be viewed on the Apartments page.  The application is submitted on the youth housing association Nuorisoasuntoliitto – NAL application service. After the submission of the application the applicant will be sent a confirmation and verification number via e-mail. An interview is arranged separately by phone or e-mail.

Please note: Think carefully which houses and types of housing you choose to your application or how much rent you are willing to pay. Only apartments that fall into all of these categories will be offered to you. If you only choose the most popular houses, you might have to wait quite long. Also, if you decline many apartments that are offered to you, there might be no more offers.

The waiting period

The waiting period depends on the location, size and rent of the apartment and the personal situation of the applicant. The release of apartments depends on people terminating their lease or tenant agreements. i.e. the apartments only become available when someone moves out.  When the apartments are released, applicants are called for an interview.

The application is valid only for 3 months. Apartment may not always be possible to provide within this time. Applications should be kept up to date with your situation. The application should be removed, if the apartment is not necessary.


Attachments are requested to be presented in an interview. Depending on the situation it may be possible to get interviewed shortly and the requested attachments should be therefore maintained. The required attachments are:

  • Specification of the most recent confirmed certificate of taxation.
  • Records of income: Employment contract, last salary receipt or other proof of regular income.
  • If the applicant is not a Finnish citizen, you will also need a passport and/or residence permit.
  • All applicants credit history is checked. If the applicant has a bad credit history, he is requested to submit a listing of debtors enforced issues given by the execution authority.


Questions? Please reach over to our customer service or come by to have a chat!