General information about the housing

What are the apartments like?

You can see all our apartments on the  Aparments page. We mainly rent studios, but there are also two and three room apartments available. Our houses are mostly multi-storey apartment houses, but there are also lofts and wooden houses. All of our houses are located close to amenities and good connections. We have residences in the Helsinki metropolitan area and in other larger centers. The equipment and size of apartments are designed to meet the needs of young people.


We strive to keep the rents as affordable as possible. The rent of a single home depends on the location, size of the residence, and the location and age of the house. From the Apartments page you can see the rental rates for individual houses and apartment types.

All our apartments have affordable rent, considering the location, size, age of the building and market prices.

Our rents are below free market price.

Rental period

The tenant can live in the apartment until he or she turns 35 years. The minimum time is one full month. However, the landlord has the right to terminate the lease if the tenant doesn’t follow the house rules or pay rent.

Security deposit and water charge

For apartments sized less than 40m², the security deposit is 650 euros and for those sized over 40m², 950 euros. Obtaining a home insurance reduces the deposit by 100 euros.

Depending on the house, the water fee is 15-20 euros per person / month.

Term of lease

The term of lease is valid until the tenant reaches 35 years.

The minimum residence time is one full month. The tenant’s notice period is one full calendar month.

The landlord also has the right, if necessary, to terminate the contract with a notice by law. In practice, the landlord can only terminate the contract due to continuous disturbances, other breaches of rules or unpaid rents.

Also available for residents

All residents have a 10M free broadband connection in use. In most houses, there is also a free sauna, laundry and club rooms for residents.

NAL’s housing instructors provide residents with free resident events, such as movie nights and sports events. All of our houses also have a resident committee that decides on the common issues of the house, such as what the house money is spent on. Housing instructors can also be met at houses regularly and they will answer your housing related questions.

Selection criteria

Apartments can be applied for by young adults aged between 18 and 29 years (it should be noted however, that a tenant can live in the apartment until the age of 35). The apartments are intended for young adults that have a job or are seeking job / entering into working life.

Because there are affordable student housings available at most locations, students do not have a priority in our resident selection. However, students who go to work along with their studies, may apply for our apartments.

Resident selection

Residents will be selected on the basis of applications and interviews. The applicants moving into the first home of their own, the homeless, and the young people working or entering into working life are prioritized in the resident selection. Ara, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, which finances the construction of our houses, will define the selection criteria and the order of priority.

Resident selection is managed by location. In Helsinki the resident selection is carried out by NAL Apartments. Our customer service will answer your questions on resident selection. You can find our contact information here.

In other locations, the NAL local branch makes the resident selection and answers questions related to the region’s housing and resident selection.


NAL Asunnot


Pääkaupunkiseudun Nuorisoasunnot ry

Sanna Väisänen

045 136 7020


Pääkaupunkiseudun Nuorisoasunnot ry

Tarja Hanhisalo

040 8338667


Keski-Uudenmaan Nuorisoasuntoyhdistys ry

Katja Mäki-Kuhna

050 436 3537


Keski-Uudenmaan Nuorisoasuntoyhdistys ry

Katja Mäki-Kuhna

050 436 3537


NAL Riihimäki ry

050 307 2741


NAL Itä-Uusimaa ry

040 5488 880


NAL Itä-Uusimaa ry

040 5488 880


Turun Seudun Nuorisoasunnot ry 

0400 491761


Joensuun seudun nuorisoasuntoyhdistys, Josna ry

050 546 5419


NAL Kirkkonummi 



NAL Lahti

040 576 8661



NAL Lahti

040 576 8661


NAL Riihimäki ry

050 307 2741


NAL Riihimäki ry

050 307 2741

NAL Riihimäki

How do I apply?


First browse the selection of our apartments on the Asunnot page. The application shall be filled electronically in the Finnish Youth Housing Association NAL’s application service. Select the houses and the apartment types that you want to apply for.

After you have submitted the application you will be sent a confirmation and an application code via email. When a residence is about to become vacant, you will be invited to a tenant interview by phone or by email. If a suitable apartment is granted to you, you have a right to see the apartment before you decide whether you want to take it.

Note! Consider carefully which houses and apartment types you select in your application and how much you are willing to pay for rent. You will be offered only such apartments that meet your requirements. If you only include the most popular houses, you may have to wait for a vacant apartment for a long time. Please do not select such houses that you are not willing to move into. If you refuse a number of apartment offers, you may not be offered apartments any more.

Application period

Apartments become vacant as previous residents move out. The duration of the application period depends on the location, size, and rent level of the apartment, and the applicant’s situation. The most popular houses (eg. Jätkäsaari, Vallila and Retkeilijänkatu in Helsinki) have the longest queues. If you are in a hurry, you should include as many houses as possible in your application.

The application is valid for 3 months. Apartments may not, however, become available during this period of time, so you should keep the application up to date and matching your situation. The application should be removed if you no longer have a need for apartment.

The attachments to the application

The attachments required in the application are:

  • Specification of the most recent confirmed certificate of taxation.
  • Records of income: employment contract, last salary receipt or other proof of regular income.
  • If the applicant is not a Finnish citizen, a passport or a residence permit will also be required.

The credit history is checked for all applicants. If the applicant has payment default entry, they are requested to submit a listing of the debtor’s distraint matters given by the distrainer.

The attachments shall be presented in the tenant interview.

Applying with a girl/boyfriend

You can also apply an apartment together with your friend or girl/boyfriend. For example, you can apply for the same cell apartment. If you are applying for housing in the same cell apartment, you shall both submit your own applications, in which you select the same cell apartment and in the Other wishes field, write the name of the friend with whom you want to live. If you want to apply for, for example, a two-room apartment with your girl/boyfriend, submit a shared application with him/her. Please write in the Other wishes field, that you apply for a shared lease. If there are three applicants, write the name of the third person in the Other wishes field.

Questions? Please reach over to our customer service or come by to have a chat!